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Professional Portfolio

More Samples Available Upon Request

Photography Ad
Funeral Home Flyer
Dentist Postcard
Home Accents
Holly Ad
Itex Ad
Nick's Portfolio
Graphic Design
Graphic Artist

FREE Trial Project

To help you determine if my experience and skills are what you’re looking for, I invite you to put me to the test before you make a decision about using my services! At absolutely no cost or obligation to you, I’d be willing to work on a project of your choice (brochure design, social media graphics, etc.).

Providing you with a “trial” project will benefit you in many ways, and answer the following questions:

  • Does he communicate effectively, and on our time frame?
  • How well does he follow instructions to ensure we get the best results?
  • Does his work reflect the professionalism and overall image of our business?
  • Does he take initiative to get the job done without needing constant supervision?
  • Is he the best person for the job?

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